Leonard's Hemp Seed Tea

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The origin, uses and nutritional values of hemp seed tea

Hemp tea is made from the hemp plant, one of the most diverse plant species in the world. Known as ‘Cannabis sativa’ it is often mistaken for its distant ‘cousin’, marijuana which contains the high levels of THC which the hemp plant does not. The stalk of the hemp plant is one of the most fibrous in the world and has a multitude of usages, many taking the place of plastic which we are trying to rid ourselves of.

The plant leaf and the hemp seeds are used in the making of hemp tea, a process which has been used for thousands of years to aid recovery from illness and restore good health. The leaf contains CBD , now being used in many medical applications and the hemp seeds contain high levels of nutrients which are known to be restorative.

Leonard’s Hemp Seed Tea does not contain any hemp leaf but concentrates on the wonderful taste emanating from the hemp seeds when they are roasted and crunched, releasing the unique aroma and the oils that contain all the health benefits.

Hemp seeds contain over 30% healthy fats which include alpha linoleic acids (omega-3) and gamma-linoleic acid (Omega-6). The seeds have a high natural protein content and include the minerals Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium, Sulfur and Calcium. They also provide a significant amount of Vitamin E which is known to help with the functions of the heart, the brain and is especially good for skin and digestion. It is indeed a ‘wonder food’!

Leonard’s Hemp Seed Tea also contains Mint, Lavender and Rose Petals all of which bring additional health benefits to the mix. Mint contains Vitamin A and is known to be an anti-oxidant as well as helping with digestive issues. Lavender has used for hundreds of years to help with infections, skin problems as well as being used to counter anxiety and stress. Rose Petals have been used to assist with liver & bowel issues and sore throats.

The combination of these ingredients have brought very positive responses from those who drink hemp tea on a regular basis with many pointing to the fact that their sleep patterns improve so much – and we all know how much we need a good night’s sleep!

The hemp plant has been at the centre of people’s lives for hundreds, if not thousands of years. George Washington grew hemp as a farmer before becoming USA President. Queen Victoria ordered all of her tenant farmers to grow hemp as she used the plant in a variety of ways (drinking hemp tea, using hemp infused bath water) to counter the many medical issues she faced throughout her long life. Shakespeare wrote about Hemp in his ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and Sir Walter Scott wrote about the strength of the hemp plant in his 1817 poem ‘Harold the Dauntless’.

Growing hemp for hemp tea and other products in the UK remains an issue for farmers who are currently required to apply for a Licence on an annual basis.

The plant is still classified as a drug (in the UK) whereas most countries in Europe and further afield are now recognising the multitude of benefits from cultivating the hemp plant. Fibres from the stalk to make building materials, clothing, fuel and all things currently made from plastic. Medical CBD benefits from the hemp leaf and last but not least ,the many nutritional elements of the hemp seed.

Leonard’s Hemp Seed Tea is delicious and, as it says on the packet, ‘I enjoy it with a wee drop of honey’.